Testimonials from Employers, Parents, and Students

Over the years. Carol Ann has received many expressions of support, praise, and gratitude, from students, parents, teachers, and administrators.


Nathan is a smarter, healthier, happier man because of you. I can tell you love your students.

Thank you!!



June 12, 2018

Dearest Carol Ann,

Thank you so very much for all of your wisdom and love and passion in teaching Rosette - in training her musically! We appreciate you and the wonderful gift that you are. I hope you have a lovely summer with some time to regroup and relax.

With love and thanks,

Catherine and Rosette


"I wanted to thank you again for the tutoring you did [for our student]... On the "English Language Arts/Literacy" section he scored 2,673 out of 2,700 and on the "Mathematics" section he scored 2,665 out of 2,700. Both of these scores are toward the top of the "Standard Exceeded"
ranking, which is the highest ranking on the exam."

Douglas Fouts

"Carol Ann... work[s] with some of the more educationally challenged students in our district. This work requires a teacher of great insight, knowledge, understanding, and patience... she does posses those aforementioned qualities needed to successfully deal with our student population."

Tony Parker

El Puente Independent Study Program


Cousin Carol,

Thank you for your warm hospitality and making me feel at home. Thank you for your adventuresome spirit to entertain and help me locate comfort. I'm thankful for your questing spirit and your desire to seek the Lord. You have a wonderful knack at teaching and demonstrating as experienced through your prodding me through a piano lesson.

Thank you,



"CArol worked with a beautiful sense of coordination and awareness and I awlays enjoyed to watch her extending our grammar work into a dancing fluent movement, which is the purpose of the method."

Ruth Alon

"Carol Ann allowed herself to be changed, and transformed and enriched. [...]

I am glad to know Carol Ann desires to further study and explore movement. It is my belief that she carries with her a great deal of love and a strong belief in dance."

Anna Halprin

Artistic Director

San Fracnsico Dancers' Workshop

"I value Carol Ann's insight in her student referrals. I have the opportunity to observe Carol in her classroom with her students daily. Her commitment, caring, and dedication to her students' learning is exemplary."

Tonnian Filice-Schultz


Independent Study Program

Salinas Union High School District