For All Ages

Detailed description of services


Students attend personalized tutoring classes in my home studio. I teach piano and music education and academic subjects. Sessions last one to two hours, and we meet once or twice each week.

In an initial consultation, I meet with the parent(s) and do an informal skill/knowledge evaluation. This first visit is also an opportunity for parents and students to observe and experience me and my approach to relationships, the subject matter, and learning.

Academic Classes


We start with a quick reminder of the previous session, a thorough overview of the assignment at hand and we estimate how much we'll be able to accomplish during our time together.


For all sessions, I keep my Apple laptop and iPhone available for academic support and supplemental research. We use a printer to get a hands-on hard-copy for shared reading strategies, editing, and note taking. We also have the option of printing out a copy of a completed report or project at the end of a session.


I teach all academic subjects from 2nd grade through 8th grade: social studies, literature, language arts, science and math. In all areas, I emphasize reading comprehension, research, and writing. I also teach high school English, US and World History, Economics and Government, Child Development and Psychology.


I ask essential questions related to content/lesson (adhering to state standards). I allow time for us to reflect. I listen. And I observe, track and follow the student's thinking as we move through the lesson.


I also enjoy teaching adult ESL, English as a Second Language. Every session, one way or another, we laugh.

Selected Subjects:


English Language Arts


Reading Development

Grammar, Vocabulary



American & World History 

Health & Fitness

Child Development


Examples of My Writing & Reports

An excerpt from a letter I wrote addressed to the Special Education teacher, the parent and end-of-the-year IEP team players invested in the student’s academic success. 

Excerpts from session reports I have written. These reports are available for parents to read.




academic corner at my home studio


Hourly Rate
Private $50

Charter School $55

I look forward to meeting you and

your student / child in your home.                          

Sincerly,  Carol Aldrich