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Music School

With my background in Orff Schulwerk (a playful approach to learning and integrating music, movement, speech and drama), I teach students the art of balancing melody with the accompaniment. Our sessions are always musical and fun!

A Sample from June 5, 2021 River Road Musical Kids outdoor concert.
Enrollment day for music and dance classes at First Presbyterian Church

Piano and Music Education

Each piano and music education class starts with theory. Currently, I use the Piano Adventures Curriculum, 2nd edition, by Faber. We then progress to technique exercises, which are an application of the theory we've just learned. And the technique prepares the student for the wide range of piano selections that artfully utilize the theory and technique.

I listen and observe and offer guidance until the piece is played well. Once the piece is mastered, students love to play along with each skill level Faber Lesson Book and Gold Star CD accompaniments.

Mother daughter locomotor dance 1990 at First Presbyterian Church, Salinas, California. 

Meja demonstrates steady beat and attempts at skipping, hopping, jumping, galloping, and responding to up and down penny whistle.

Lessons with an array of instruments

I have several hand drums and melodic percussive instruments in my studio. We often explore ways to enhance or embellish musical phrases by adding a simple ostinato (a repeated rhythm). Or, we may explore chord progressions by adding the contra bass (low pitch) to a simple ABAB form folk song. Students learn to transpose and improvise.  When there are lyrics, I bring the student to accompany his/her own singing voice or to accompany my voice.

Orff Instruments



A sample from May 22, 2021 River Road Musical Kids outdoor concert! Watch more here.
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