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Here you will find examples of my skills as a dancer / instructor. I followed my natural inclination and embarked on a journey to explore dance therapy, Feldenkrais Movement Awareness Technique, San Francisco Dancer’s Workshop (holistic solo and community movement) with Anna Halprin, Releasing Technique with Joan Skinner and more.

I worked with severely disabled children, ran my own swim school, taught Aerobic Dance at Butte College, became the recreation director for a large community development, Paradise Pines, and served with the university faculty for the Interrelated Arts course required for all students in the elementary credential program at CSU Chico.

Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is a highly expressive social dance, created in a two person embrace formed by the leader and the follower. It has no predetermined steps and therefore the learning curve is steep. But once dancers overcome the initial difficulties, learning and dancing lead to shared joy.

Carol Ann and a fellow dancer in Monterey, CA

Carol & Tango

Carol is a passionate tango dancer and shares her knowledge and experience with fellow dancers and beginners.


She is an active part of the Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Francisco tango communities, and also shares her skills in her own studio in Salinas.

She served on the Tango Monterey Bay Board, as an adviser to TMB's director, from 2015 until 2017.

Argentine Tango Music & Dance

In the Fall of 2017 Carol Ann embarked on a semester-long deep exploration of tango with world-renowned instructors Alex Krebs and Dr. Morgan Luker at Reed College Portland, Oregon. With Alex Krebs, Carol Ann deepened her knowledge of tango dancing for the social dance floor.

CPoint 2012 dancing in the tent_celebrat


Alex instills a deep appreciation for improvisation with a strong communication between the lead and follow and an ever increasing search for musicality.


She also took private classes with Alex at Tango Berretin, a studio dedicated exclusively to tango.

Besides classes on campus Carol took private lessons with Alex at Tango Berretin, a studio dedicated exclusively to tangueros.

Carol Ann studied with Dr. Morgan Luker, an ethnomusicologist who focuses on cultural politics of Latin American music with special emphases on contemporary tango music of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pexels - Tango.jpeg

« Connection with others is like connection in tango. Joy, the deeper ride, comes through body, mind, spirit with Self and others »

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